In the list “frequently asked questions” you will find the most common questions that where asked to N-Track Modellbau.

Do I get a order conformation?
Can I follow my order?
How can I make a reservation?
How can I do a payment?
What happens when I can’t do a payment?
Do I have warranty?
Can I order spare parts?
When I still have questions?

• Do I get an Order conformation?
When you complete your order in the online shop, you will receive an automatic order conformation by email.

Can I follow my Order?
After your order is shipped, you will get a email with a tracking link, click on this link and you will be forwarded to a tracking site of TNT post, here you can follow your shipped package.

How can I make an reservation?
Reservations can be made through our contact site, by filling in the contact
mailform. We will contact you as soon as possible, to confirm your reservation, give extra comments or answer your questions.

How can I a payment?
We only accept pre-payments at the moment. You can do the payment with you online banking program. Select the form for international exchange/transfer. Or go to your local bank-service provider, who can help you further.

Down here you will find the information you can use for your payment.

Please check: “shared cost”, then there are no transfer costs.

Please use the following information:
Bank‐Nr. 3338163
Bank: ING
IBAN: NL17INGB0003338163
To: N-Track Modellbau
City: Geervliet
Land: The Netherlands

Please note that when you do the payment outside the EU, your bank can charge extra money to you! Please take this in consideration when making the payment.

What happens when I can’t do a payment?
When the Payment is not done in 14 days, we will unfortunately have to inform you that we will cancel the order.

Do I have any warranty on my bought products and how is the warranty completion?
We gif warranty on our delivered products, that these are complete and that they can be correctly built according to the instruction manual.
The warranty for motor driven chassis is 2 years. The warranty covers the replacement of the moving parts, or a complete repair. This warranty is only provided when there are no damages to be seen on the chassis due to abnormal use by the customer, N-track Modellbau will directly send you replacement parts without or repair the chassis without any extra cost. After 30 days you will receive your repaired chassis back from us.

Can I Order spare parts?
When you have any problems with building you N-Track kit, or you have damaged a crucial part of the kit, feel free to contact us. You just email us with the number of the product type you have bought, the invoice number of the item and the part number, that you will find in your instruction manual. Fill this information in our
mailform, and we will send you the needed part for a low price. So that you can finish you Model.

When I still have questions?
Please use our
mailform on the contact page, we will contact you as soon as possible.

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