RhB Nm BEX Api 1300
The new Bernina Express coach Kit, consists a completely revised German silver Kit and appears the modern decals and six different car numbers (Bp 2502-2507).
The panorama cars were delivered in the year 2000, and where between 2006 and 2007 totally renovated and equipped with a new design. We have alse redisigned our kit construction, by adding more refinement in the fine details.
The Rhaetian Railway open panorama-deck coach where built based on the luggage-car frame from the series F 4000 , that where built in 1911. Later in 1964 the car-body as well as the car numbers where updated to the series D ² 4000. Since 1990 the luggage cars where again completely rebuilt to the today used open panorama-deck couch .

The model kit can delivered with four vehicle numbers:  (B²2096 / B²2097 / B²2099 / B²2102) . The model kit has a Micro -trains couplers and double insulated Metal wheels .
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The RhB Fd/Xc gravel-wagon is a familiar sight on the trail of the Rhaetian Railway for many years. We are pleased to present this model Kit in scale Nm (1:160).

The model is available in ten different car numbers (Fd 8656 / Xc 9416 to fd 8665 / Xc 9425).
This kit made from new-silver is 0.2 mm thick and has small parts, micro-trains couplers and double-insulated metal wheel sets.
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We are pleased to present our new model kit, the Uah-/Za-8131 series. This model kit has been made according to the real model of the tank wagon for mineral-transport. They were build in 1973 by the company JMR. Till 1997 these wagons where careing the Uah numbers. In 1996 till 1997 the tanks were replaced, and so where the numbers changed to Za numbers.

The kits are availeble with the numbers Uah 8131 bis 8140, the numbers 8135 and 8138 are excluded. The model kits exists out of a new silver chassis, tank of Resin and white metal small parts. Micro-trains couplers and double insulated wheel sets.
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